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I’ll naturally assume that you know who Madars Apse is, unless you live underneath some rock in the middle of who-knows-where. The 2012 European SOTY has a lot of charisma on and off the board...
I’ll naturally assume that you know who Madars Apse is, unless you live underneath some rock in the middle of who-knows-where. The 2012 European

Madars Apse Interview


I’ll naturally assume that you know who Madars Apse is, unless you live underneath some rock in the middle of who-knows-where. The 2012 European SOTY has a lot of charisma on and off the board and as of lately we all can witness both sides of that coin on his new web series It’s A Mad World. Somehow we managed to locate Madars in South East Asia to tell us all about the show, his travels, flipping over Nyjah Huston’s bed, and much more. – Damian Argi

Rock n' Roll transfer. Photo: Gaston Francisco.

You've been globe trotting quite a bit lately. You and the Element Europe team recently wrapped up a trip to Taiwan and now you're in Singapore swimming in pools on the edge of skyscrapers. It seems like the travel life has been treating pretty well. Does it ever get boring?

Well, for everything too much is too much, but my travels are not too much I believe. It's all about the right state of mind, just have to enjoy it and go with it, live in the moment. Sometimes though, of course it gets a bit harder and I'd get homesick too. Everyone would I think. At some level, you know?


What's going on out there in Singapore?

It's a Red Bull trip with Ryan Decenzo, TJ Rogers and Barney Page. There will be three web episodes out of this! Right now I am already in Bangkok, just flew in from Kuala Lumpur, I am actually healing my knee, so did not really skate Taiwan and Singapore, got a small line and a single in Kuala Lumpar, that's about how I'm doing. On a trip far from home, but can't skate, it's one of those times I could get homesick. But I am here not only for skateboarding, this part of the world is awesome to see!


It's considered to be one of the most densely populated countries. Have you seen anything crazy go down?

Well, nothing out of ordinary really, just them big skyscrapers, 100 ships on the beach, waiting to get into port. Hundreds of rules like no chewing gum, death to drug traffickers etc. Too many rules for a small country, but the place is awesome, people are nice and I can't talk shit, but on the other hand I like to rebel against those rules here and there.


Do you feel awkward when you go back home to Latvia? How do your friends and family perceive what you're doing?

Not awkward at all, I just live my life, go do what I want, see my parents there and a bit of friends too. The only awkward thing is that I am there for so little time that a lot of my friends don't even see me, so I just live with that. My friends and family support me in what I am doing, they always have supported me, and I appreciate it.


Is taking a sauna break a daily ritual in Riga?

It's not daily, but it's a ritual, let's say twice a week, or once for most people. I love it, especially if there is an ice cold pool to jump into afterwards. Good for the blood flow, good for the skin, good for the mind, everything with a limit, though. 


Do you have a little celebrity status now that you have your own show "It's A Mad World"? Have you been given the key to the city or anything like that?

Nope, no key to the city, only key to the highway! Been getting some views on youtube, that's about it!


Nosegrind pop out. Photo: Antton Miettinen.

How did the making of the show come about?

Some people from a UK based company saw my video in the bright tradeshow last year and they said that that is the guy they are looking for, so eventually I got offered it, thought it over and here we are, 24 episodes a year. Take it or leave it.


You have a degree right? And going to university can be quite expensive. Was the idea of doing the show a way to make a return on the investment of your education?

It possibly can be a way to make a return on investment or ROI, as they taught me in school, it just depends on how you view it. For me of course, it was important for the money, trying to live a life and not struggle so much as a lot of people do from my country. I want to be able to chill here and there too, not stress and not have money rule my life to a crazy extent. Money changes people a lot and pushes people for dumb things, it makes you forget who you are, and what are you here for.


The show is cool because the viewer has a front row seat with you, going to all these insane places practically from one day to the next. From Latvia to France with the entire Element team. Then from Russia with DC to California for 2 days with Wes Kremer. It's pretty wild. Is this how your life is right now?

Well that's how my life is edited right now, I capture what I can and then my friend, Travis Adams edits all the footage so I don't look dumb.


Do you share any special moments with Chris Cole and Nyjah Huston? After all, you're teammates...

Yes I do! Shared a room with Chris Cole once and with Nyjah one time we went into his room, middle of the night, to flip his bed. Not the nicest thing to do, but we did it anyways. Nyjah is cool man, no hate for that guy. He just wants to make everyone happy.


Summer is almost here. Do you have any plans or ideas on what you'll be doing?

Well, my ankle is way better now that I have hurt my knee, but that is getting better too. So I can skate and it's all good. I got a US trip in May, Portugal in June, Australia in July and Finland in August! Filming a part for DC and for Element, so working on it! Hyped!

Front blunt. Photo: Damian Argi

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